The 7 Most Important Things I've Learned in
Twenty Years of Selling Promotional Products!

By Charlie Billard - Sales Manager

1.) Advertising Impressions are the Key
Advertising impressions are the number of times your customers and prospects consciously or subconsciously see your name and logo. For instance an ad in the newspaper usually has one advertising impression, a quality promotional item can have thousands of advertising impressions! The more people see your name & logo the more they'll think of, use & refer your company.

2.) Quality Counts!
There are a great deal of flimsy, cheaply made promotional products out there and to put your company name on them is not only a big waste of money, but it sends the wrong message to your customers and prospects. With top quality items, people keep, use and appreciate them, dramatically increasing the number of advertising impressions - and they need not be expensive!

3.) Showing You Care Increases Sales!
Psychological studies show when you give people a gift, regardless of cost, it forms a bond, it shows you care, keeps customers and generates new customers! We all like to receive a gift and with promotional products, you give a gift and advertise at the same time!

4.) Great Marketing Opportunities are Everywhere!
Community and special events, presidents' clubs, relationship clients, direct mail, real estate offices, anniversaries, home shows, new customer gifts are all great, but often overlooked marketing opportunities.

5.) Your Promotional Products Should Be Things that People will Keep & Use!
If people throw away a useless gizmo promotional product or it's an item only a few people keep, it's money wasted! That's why putting your company name on things everyone can use like quality pens, sticky notes, kitchen items, coin zip cases, office items, tote bags, calendars, mugs and other quality useful items are the best and most cost-effective promotional products.

6.) Watch Out for Hidden Fees and Charges
Over the years, I've heard horror stories of supposedly good deals gone bad, with hidden fees, running charges, art charges, proof charges and more.

7.) Don't Forget the Kids & Schools!
Children are your future customers' and the most important thing in your customer's lives! Children's items such as pencils, piggy banks, highlighters, crayons, and activity books are small in cost but pay BIG dividends!